Textured Wallpaper to Add Much Needed Flair and Depth

Wallpaper is more versatile than ever these days. It's available in countless colors and patterns to give you exactly the look you want in any room of your home, office, waiting area – any place at all. While you're measuring your space and choosing the perfect wall covering to go with furniture, carpets, and window treatments, don't forget to consider that wallpaper can be tactile as well as beautiful. In fact, textured wallpaper has become increasingly popular in homes and businesses to add touchable sensibility, drama, and flair. If you haven't considered textured wallpaper, you might be amazed to see what it can do for a room.

Some of the most popular textured wallpapers are inspired by Asian designs. These harken back to a time when thin, woven walls were used to separate rooms, create privacy, and instill delicate color and patterns. Grasscloth textured wallpaper is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and weights. Traditional grasscloth wall coverings are made up of thinly woven natural fibers, mainly in earthy tones like greens, gold, browns, and rust colors. Today, these can also be found in blues, reds, and even violet. Thanks to beautiful and fade resistant modern dyes, any color grasscloth can be had. The end result may look like vertical or horizontal stripes, or weaves of many different thicknesses and patterns. Many of these are unpasted and strippable for easy removal when the times comes. Similarly, sisal wall coverings tend to be thicker and will stand up to humidity and temperature changes better than some grasscloths. If you aren't sure which is best for your needs, ask your wall covering professional to help. 

When what you're looking for is durable textured wallpaper that will withstand touching, spills, and sunlight, vinyl wall coverings are an excellent solution. Available in a vast array of patterns, colors, and styles, vinyl textured wallpaper is washable, long lasting, and resistant to fading and peeling. There is also tremendous variety, from wood textures to unique teak and subtle graphite to a bold crocodile-inspired pattern. There's almost no limit to the depth and style that can be added with a touch of textured wallpaper.

Textured wallpapers give you an opportunity to make a fun, bold statement anywhere in your home. Man caves and recreation rooms are especially well suited to textured wall coverings. Cork wallpaper is touchable, attractive, and perfect in any space used for casual entertaining. Paperweave is an interesting wall covering with a surface that feels as good as it looks. If you're seeking a unique feel without an intense pattern, raw silk wall coverings may be just the thing. Spend some time researching materials to ensure that the wallpaper you choose will go well with the lighting, temperature, humidity, and traffic of the room in question. 

For old world charm that meets modern standards of convenience, check out the various prepasted textured wallpapers from the Art and Texture collection. These include an impressive selection of wall coverings and borders designed to elicit scenes from ancient roman life and its architectural triumphs. Faux marble wallpaper is available in a myriad of colors to suit any room. Accent these with fun borders depicting leaf scrolls, distressed molding, or faux curtain valances. Textured wallpaper with period designs can transform any space to another time and place, without leaving your home.

Possibly the most popular textured wallpaper is damask. Damask is a classic design available in a multitude of colors and patterns, from subtle off white on white to bold and contrasting color combinations. Damask wall coverings look regal in a room or hallway, and can add a splash of deep color and texture to a single wall. 

Last but not least, textured wallpaper can also be totally paintable, allowing the ability to match absolutely any color. Paintable textured wallpaper patterns can be bold or subtle, and are a wonderful way to add tactile sensibility to damaged or stained walls. There are lots of fun, affordable textures available, so you're sure to find something you love. Textured wallpapers offer just the depth and flair you're looking for! 

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