Evolve Wallpaper

Evolve Wallpaper is the premiere choice for designers who know they want the delicate tactile sensation and subtle tastefulness of stringcloth. This is because Evolve Wallpaper offers an impressive selection of stringcloth wall coverings designed to suit classic tastes. The Minstrel collection offers lyrical patterns with musically inspired names like Sonata, Mezzo, Concerto, Soprano, and Etude. Look for subtle hues like soft violets, cream, eggshell, and pale greens and blues. Delicate colors and patterns are well suited to stringcloth, which is a light textured wall covering that adds a tactile softness to any space. Like grasscloth, stringcloth is made from natural materials that evoke themes of nature, gardens, and calm. Look for textured stripes in a multitude of pale and delicate shades, or vines, leaves, and floral designs that convey a whisper of unique taste and classic style. Evolve Wallpaper can transform a simple space into an elegant nature retreat.


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