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When your design goal is to bring tactility and dauntless color, Motif Designs wallpaper has you covered. Motif Designs wallpaper has been impressing designers for years with their striking weave-inspired selections to suit any mood, taste, or environment. Their Nature's Loom Collection overflows with a vast selection of textures and weaves that must been seen to be believed. Whether you seek horizontal or vertical weavings, or faux wood grain, brush strokes, or cloths of every kind, Motif Designs wallpaper has something for you. Look for touchable wall coverings in shades from muted to expressive with enough variety to give every room its own unique feel. Tam Tam, Gazelle, Nubian, and Rangoon patterns are just a few examples in this impressive collection. These traditionally inspired textures will call to mind every corner of the globe, and visions of artisan weavers creating a look as elegant and varied as your personal taste.  

Natures Loom
Natures Loom

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