Waverly wallpaper

If you are seeking classic style and elegance for your new room, look no further than Waverly wallpaper. Waverly is delighted to bring you a beautiful selection of traditional designs in tasteful greens, beiges, and golden hues, as well as fun patterns in reds, blues, and even purple. Patterns like bedazzled, Connemara, and Newberry have been bringing decorators and designers to Waverly wallpaper for years. Heirloom solo or bouquet florals in blues and pinks look splendid alone, or with a matching or contrasting border to bring the whole room together. Ferns, lattice, coral, bamboo, and trellis patterns can add a touch of color and style to practically anywhere. Waverly wallpaper offers numerous colors and patterns to suit every taste, and every room of your home or office. Whether you're seeking bold designs or subtle patterns, there's something for everyone in the Waverly collection.


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