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If your room is crying out to make a decisive statement, look no further than Belair Studios Wallpaper. Field Guide boasts a masculine line of outdoors-inspired motifs for the man's man in your home. These include natural patterns like stones, leather, pinecones, and an array of natural looking faux wood grains. Look for hunting and fishing themes that feature animal prints and tracks, and specific wildlife motifs including ducks, elk, birds, safari animals, moose, horses, and deer. Those who prefer the indoors will be impressed by the Patina collections, which feature marble, leaves, vines, stripes, and damask patterns in a diverse assortment of shades and hues from pale to assertive. Look for textured stripes and distressed damasks that add gentility and taste to any room. For something more relaxing, Belair Studios Wallpaper offers Coastal Waters, a collection of calming prints that make any room a great vacation spot. It features beach motifs, nautical themes, and more fish than you can catch in a whole summer!

Coastal Waters Volume II
Coastal Waters Volume II

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