Wall Liner and Its Many Uses

Anyone who has tried to remove old wallpaper knows that it can be a hassle.  Removing old wall coverings and scrubbing or sanding off the adhesive and residue can take longer than installing new wallpaper.  This is one of the many ways that wall liner can come in handy.  Wall liners are thick wall coverings that can conceal old wallpaper and the glue residue.  This leaves you with a smooth surface you can do anything with.  Wall liners are also an excellent way to cover exposed brick or cinder block walls so that they can be painted, paneled, or have wall coverings applied.  Wall liners are less expensive and require less time to apply than drywall, and achieve a comparable amount of smoothness.


Wall liners are available either prepasted or unpasted, depending on your needs.  Generally speaking, if you're new to wallpaper, you may have better luck with a prepasted wall liner.  This means you need only apply water to activate the adhesive.  Professional paperhangers and experienced do-it-yourself types often prefer to apply their own paste.  It's largely a matter of preference.  However, remember, mistakes can be costly and frustrating.


The wall liner you purchase should be both heavy-duty and paintable, which allows for maximum versatility.  Unlike patterned wall coverings, which require matching, wall liners do not need to be painstakingly aligned.  This means they are easier to apply, and that a higher percentage of each roll is usable—somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred percent.  Like most wall coverings, heavy-duty wall liners are priced in single rolls but sold in packs of two.  When calculating how much you'll need, it's a good idea to get one extra roll to ensure that you don't run out and that any mistakes can be fixed.  A little research can help you find great deals as well as help you with design ideas once your walls are covered and you're ready to move forward.  Wall liners give difficult walls new life, all while saving time and money.

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