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Discount Wallpaper: Where to Find It and How to Choose It

If you're decorating on a budget, you're probably curious about discount wallpaper – and with good reason. In many cases, steep discounts are available on wall coverings that are just as beautiful and durable as their higher-priced counterparts. While you can expect to pay top dollar for well-known designers and recently introduced designs, older patterns, colors, or materials can be had for much less. In the design world, colors and patterns go in and out of style. However, inside your home or office, tastes and beauty are timeless. 

  Regardless of the size of your budget, you should insist on a reputable supplier. When you see beautiful wall coverings in a friend's home or a local office, ask who their vendor is. You should always see swatches or very clear photos before making your decision. Be clear about the materials you're getting – Is it vinyl, or vinyl coated? Self-adhesive, or will you need to apply the glue yourself? Is it fade resistant? These are all questions you should ask when making your discount wallpaper selections. Figure out before you buy how flexible you are willing to be in terms of color, pattern, style, or materials. You're going to be looking at this wallpaper for a long time. Paying less should never mean getting something you aren't excited about. If you feel you're being pressured to make a wallpaper selection you don't love, beware. High-pressure sales tactics are never good.

 Discount wallpapers, most wallpapers in fact, are priced by the roll and sold in packs of two rolls. Remember this as you're browsing to avoid sticker shock. You may notice that the most durable wall coverings are also the most affordable, while delicate string cloth or hard-to-clean velour requires more of an investment. Whatever you decide, stick with reputable vendors that you feel good about working with. Insist on staying within your budget, and on getting colors, patterns, and materials you love. It really is possible to get beautiful, long-lasting discount wallpaper without breaking the bank.

We have grouped these discounted and super value wallpaper and border collections by category and by entire book collections. Please click on your desired choice below to begin your shopping experience. With over 3,000 patterns to view including Designer patterns, there should be a wallpaper or border pattern that meets your style. All patterns are 1st Quality products. Most wallpaper is usually available as a double roll package, priced by single roll, borders are single rolls. Check details when selecting wallpaper or border patterns to determine the size of rolls offered. 

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