Dining Room Wallpaper Sets the Mood 

Your dining room is likely to be seen by everyone who enters your home. Ensure that it looks its best with the appropriate dining room wallpaper. In many homes, the dining room is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Much like the kitchen, it's always bustling with activity, from hurried breakfasts before school and work, to big holiday meals with extended family and quiet evenings for two. It only makes sense to create a dining room look that's as welcoming and versatile as you are. That means furniture where form meets function, a beautiful, easy-to-clean floor, and of course, dining room wallpaper that brings it all together.

Dining rooms typically open to the kitchen, a hallway, or the living room. The colors you choose for floors and walls should not be a shock to the senses when you walk from one room to another. Or should they? Common decorator rules need not apply in your home – which is one of the many great things about doing your own redecorating. Your dining room wallpaper can accent the rooms on either side of it, or it can be markedly different. A cool design trend is painting one room a solid color that is taken from the design in the wallpaper in an adjoining room. Both rooms are then brought together with a colorful border in a fun theme.

A crucial step in choosing your dining room wallpaper is considering functionality. If you have small children, or particularly rambunctious dining companions, you may want to avoid silks, grasscloth, or other delicate wall coverings for your dining area. Instead, look to vinyl or vinyl coated wallpapers that resist staining and are easy to clean. Consider how much sunlight your dining room wallpaper will get, so you’re aware if sun bleaching will be a concern. If large windows bring in a lot of natural light, you may want to avoid deep blues and other colors that are prone to fading.

Adult-focused dining rooms can be more formal if that's your desire. An intense damask pattern in the color of your choosing creates an impressive elegance your guests will admire. Textured dining room wallpapers offer an array of thematic options from Asian to European to African – allowing your own taste to shine through in your selection of accompanying furniture and accessories. Jute, Sissal, and other woven wallpapers can be as rustic or as opulent as you want them to be.

When considering color, think carefully about the mood you'd like to create in your dining space. Blues and greens can create a calm atmosphere that is well suited to winding down after a stressful day. They're also good for inspiring conversation and encouraging guests and family members to linger over meals. Warm colors, like those used in many fast food and family restaurants, stimulate appetite and create a festive atmosphere.

For something bold and daring, try a photorealistic wall mural in a nature setting or a cityscape. Dining room wallpaper doesn't have to be boring, and it doesn't have to feature pictures of food. Consider matching your wall coverings with your favorite dishes, placemats, shelving, or appliances. Choosing the pattern may be something your whole family will want to participate in. After all, everybody loves decorating, don't they?

Finally, consider your budget. While it might be tempting to buy the most affordable dining room wallpaper you can find, it's important to remember that wallpaper is an investment in the look and feel of your home. To feel that you've really gotten your money's worth, it's vital that you love your new wall coverings. Consult a wallpaper professional to help ensure that the color, material, and style are exactly what you want, and that your new wall coverings will have all the functionality you require. Dining room wallpaper can make an enormous difference in the overall tenor of your dining space, and to your whole home. Keeping these tips in mind will help you make the selection that’s right for you and your family.

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Room24492 by Ronald Redding Wallpaper
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Room24204 by Norwall Wallpaper
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Room21364 by Winfield Thybony Design Wallpaper
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Room18272 by Wallpapers To Go Wallpaper
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Room21547 by Casamance Wallpaper
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Room16145 by Stroheim Wallpaper
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Room22283 by Andrew Martin Wallpaper
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Room18488 by Koessel Studios Wallpaper
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Room24209 by Norwall Wallpaper
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Room21370 by Winfield Thybony Design Wallpaper
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Room18278 by Wallpapers To Go Wallpaper
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Room17226 by Schumacher Wallpaper
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Room17227 by Schumacher Wallpaper
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Room19126 by Winfield Thybony Design Wallpaper
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Room18281 by Wallpapers To Go Wallpaper
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103802 () WTG-103802
Room18494 by Koessel Studios Wallpaper
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Room19127 by Winfield Thybony Design Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-109519
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