Let Laundry Room Wallpaper Transform Your Laundry Room or Mud Room

Choosing laundry room wallpaper may seem unnecessary to some. Why decorate it? It's just a laundry room, right? Even though you might not be entertaining guests in the laundry room, it should still look great. Decorating is fun. When rooms look great, everyone is inspired to be a little more careful, and to keep things a little cleaner and neater. The best reason to invest in attractive laundry room wallpaper isn't for the room – it's for everyone who goes in there. Cheerful laundry room wallpaper can make doing your laundry feel a bit less boring.

Your laundry room is not often seen by anyone besides you, so it can be excused from being part of the decorative flow of the rest of your home if that's your choice. If your living room, kitchen, and dining areas move from beige texture to blue flowers to green abstracts, your laundry room doesn't have to follow with a similar color or pattern. One could argue that a laundry room is an island unto itself, so you can have complete creative freedom. Maybe you'd like to use a bold color or pattern you wouldn't use in a common room. Remember too that wall coverings don't have to be just for walls. You can cover shelves, folding tables, ceilings, and doors with fun wallpapers too.

Laundry room decoration doesn’t have to end with laundry room wallpaper. A fun border can be used to create an entirely different look. When selecting new laundry room wallpaper, consider the temperature and humidity of the room. If it changes a lot, stick to hardy materials like solid vinyl or vinyl coated wall coverings. Washable wallpaper will look great no matter how much dryer dust and laundry it encounters. If you're not sure where to begin, check out designer rooms online. Make a list of the things you love and don't love about your space, and consult with a designer who will be happy to make your dreams a reality.

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162970 () WTG-162970
Room24212 by Norwall Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-162970
127189 () WTG-127189
Room21335 by Andrew Martin Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-127189
146207 () WTG-146207
Room23681 by Cole and Son Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-146207
142746 () WTG-142746
Room23213 by Cole and Son Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-142746
146287 () WTG-146287
Room23698 by Cole and Son Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-146287
138290 () WTG-138290
Room22739 by A Street Prints Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-138290
138293 () WTG-138293
Room22742 by A Street Prints Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-138293
132587 () WTG-132587
Room22013 by Cole and Son Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-132587
138296 () WTG-138296
Room22745 by A Street Prints Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-138296
143722 () WTG-143722
Room23399 by A Street Prints Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-143722
91260 () WTG-091260
Room17338 by Seabrook Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-091260
136221 () WTG-136221
Room22426 by Artworks Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-136221
138384 () WTG-138384
Room22773 by Galerie Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-138384
164285 () WTG-164285
Room24261 by Kenneth James Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-164285
98117 () WTG-098117
Room17785 by Seabrook Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-098117
141146 () WTG-141146
Room22964 by Astek Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-141146
137938 () WTG-137938
Room22611 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-137938
126269 () WTG-126269
Room21237 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-126269
137942 () WTG-137942
Room22615 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-137942
137943 () WTG-137943
Room22616 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-137943
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