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Seeking something stunning, unexpected, and totally new?  Look no further than Koessel Studios Wallpaper. Koessel Studios Wallpaper brings you bursting colors, striking designs, and fanciful embellishments that add sophistication and style to a statement as bold as you are. The Inspiration designs are aptly named, as they inspire a myriad of design ideas from the very first glance. The Les Plumes patterns evoke the regal peacock, and offer an optional glass embellishment that makes the design really pop. Colorful and sparkling glass embellishments are just one of the things that sets Koessel Studios Wallpaper apart. Look for sparkling, shimmering, pearlescent, or aged designs on an exciting assortment of colors, textures, and materials. Glass embellishments lend a stunning sparkle to earthy sisal wall coverings in browns, reds, and golden hues. Koessel Studios Wallpaper wants to show you something you've never seen before. 

Koessel Studios
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