Wallpaper Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper For You

Wallpaper Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper For You

Whether you're moving in to a new home or are looking to redecorate your current home, wallpaper makes a lot of sense.  It's easy to apply, can fit into any budget, and can resist scratches, dirt, chipping, and peeling better than most paint.  For many people, the most difficult part is making selections for each room.  It can be overwhelming to be confronted with so many materials, colors, textures, and patterns.  Factor in borders, mini-murals, and accent walls, and you've got seemingly endless options for your new space.  Sounds like you need a wallpaper guide to help narrow your choices.


Let's start in the kitchen.  Your kitchen wallpaper guide should focus on bright colors and fun patterns.  Everyone loves a happy kitchen full of lights and delicious patterns and hues.  Sandpiper Studios knows this and fills their collection with floral prints, stripes, damask, and paisley in a myriad of warm yellows and reds, cool blues and greens, or mellow earth tones.  For classic designs with an antique feel, York Wallpaper guides you through an eclectic collection of fruit and floral patterns printed on century-old presses that capture the look and feel of hand painted wallpapers.  Archival yet practical, Casabella also offers geometrics, abstracts, and stripes of every size and color.


Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms present special challenges.  Your wallpaper guide to kid-friendly spaces should include washable, coated wallpapers that stand up to anything your kids can dish out.  Functionality is important, but it also has to look great, and offer your kids the colors and themes they love.  Look for licensed characters from kid's favorites like Nickelodeon, Pixar, and Disney.  Or check out animal prints and themes from birds to sea life, dinosaurs to big cats, from the jungle to the barnyard, and every place in between.  Kids’ wallpapers come in a wide array of materials to fit practically any budget—so indulge in sports themes like soccer, baseball, volleyball, or big league sports like pro football, racing, and basketball.  Or go for educational patterns with maps, history, or outer-space themes.  Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms go from drab to dynamic with large and mini photo-murals by National Geographic.  Stunning photorealistic wallpaper also makes a bold statement in any rec room or man cave.


If you're looking for a vast variety of textures, you're covered.  Warner offers an impressive array of textures in warm and earth tones.  Tactile options range from marbles, wood and leather grains, to antiqued plaster, raw silk, and crinkles galore.  Maybe you've decided on a color, but can't find it with the texture you crave.  Check out the wide array of paintable wallpapers in textures ranging from faux cloth, abstracts, damasks, frescos, and a variety of 3D designs that add depth and elegance to any room or accent wall.


Do you have a particular room that deserves special attention?  Designer wallpapers offer the variety and elegance you crave to bring your favorite room to life.  Schumacher is renowned the world over for their classic, tasteful prints.  Florals, damask, and paisley patterns are featured prominently in this stylish collection.  When creating a wallpaper guide to help you make your final selections, consider designer wallpapers for master bedrooms, your dining area or breakfast nook, in a study or library.  Or let Ashford Stripes add some panache to a hallway, entryway, or foyer.  Their collection of pinstripes, oriental banding, tailor stripes, and taffeta might just cause you to rethink the timeless simplicity of the humble stripe.


A good wallpaper guide should give you hints on what to consider when choosing your new wallpapers.  Keep in mind that dark colors can make walls seem closer together, while bright colors can open up a room.  Try an accent wall in a room where bold patterns may overwhelm the space.  Be sure your selections match your own tastes—you're going to be looking at your new wallpaper every day.  It's crucial that you love it!