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Looking for something to spruce up your favorite man's cave?  There are a wide variety of inventive ways to design a room just for the fellas.  Like any other room, designing a man cave starts with careful measuring.  Consider whether you'll want wallpaper throughout the whole room, or something more simple like adding murals or borders to painted walls.  The type of wallpaper you select will impact the amount you'll need overall.  Patterns that require specific pattern matching will require that you buy a little more wallpaper than you think you'll need in order to ensure that the design lines up—experts say to add an extra 20%.  Thematically, there are a plethora of options, from cars to space murals, hunting or outdoor-inspired borders, sports borders or military wallpaper—the options are wide open.

Man cave wallpaper can be as formal and fancy as you like—but often, rustic décor is what's called for.  A simple brick or wood-look wall covering can set the scene for more specific design elements.  A wallpaper mural is also a great choice for a man cave, office, or media room.  Eye-catching photorealistic murals or stylized artistic murals can be equally effective depending on your theme.  Fan of military wallpaper will find borders from every branch.  A textured look on a single wall (or more) can add casual flair to any space—while leaving plenty of room for personal accents. 

Military wallpapers are especially popular for man caves among veterans, and those who support them.  These can range from portrayals of past wars, up through present day tech and equipment.  After all, who doesn't love aircraft?  The most important aspect of man cave room design is that it reflects the taste of the man who'll be spending the most time there.  That tends to mean comfy furniture, basic lighting, and fun design elements.  Whether you decide on space, sports, cars, or military wallpaper, make your man cave something to be proud of!  


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