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Bathroom Wallpaper

Your bathroom wallpaper has a big job to do.  Not only does it have to look great year after year, but it also has to stand up to steam and varying degrees of humidity and temperature.  It's going to experience being slapped with towels, and being sprayed with airborne beauty products like hair spray.  It may also have to withstand muddy children or pets, visitors, and a whole lot more.  The wall coverings in your bathroom will be instrumental in creating the look of the entire room, and will have to play well with porcelain, tiles, shower curtains, and other fixtures.  With all that in mind, it seems clear that your bathroom wallpaper selection is one that shouldn't be made lightly.


Consider whether you want bathroom wallpaper on every wall, one wall, or a combination of walls or portions of walls.  Dark colored wall coverings can be overwhelming in a whole room, but wonderful on a single accent wall.  Airy designs like an open trellis or classic pinstripe can be used on every wall without closing the room in.  Set a beach theme with a fun sand-dollar pattern.  Or try something more subtle and abstract.  Bathroom wallpaper doesn't have to include water-inspired colors or airy textures—they can include absolutely anything you want. 


Don't overlook borders when selecting bathroom wallpaper patterns.  A judiciously chosen border can impart a vintage feel to your room.  Or it may add a splash of contrasting color that draws the eye.  Borders can be used to great effect just below the ceiling, across baseboards, around windows and countertops, or right down the middle of the wall.  Hungry for designer inspiration?  Websites like Pinterest can be a gold mine for inventive and modern bathroom décor ideas. You can also check out designer rooms on popular wallpaper vendor websites, like Wallpapers to GoBathroom wallpaper can be vibrant, interesting, and is vital to setting a relaxing tone.

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