What Can I Do With a Wallpaper Border?

When it comes to decorating, borders have no boundaries. They can enhance wallcoverings, accentuate windows and doors, give walls proportion and gracefully decorate any room in the house. In fact, few design tools are as easy to use and so effective. With borders, expressing yourself has never been so easy!


12 ways to use borders to create a fresh, custom look!

  1. Add a designer touch by using a border as a chair rail or to emphasize wood molding. 
  2. Create architectural detailing throughout your home with a border application around doors and windows. If you have a wide, flat molding around the window or door, consider applying a thin strip, cut from a decorative element of the border, around the outside edge. 
  3. Highlight the often over-looked area around your bar or counter. 
  4. Focus the interest on your fireplace with a border applied around the perimeter or above the mantel. This treatment works just as effectively with windows and mirrors or wherever your imagination takes you. 
  5. For an unusual design effect, apply a border around the top of the ceiling line and down the corners of the walls. 
  6. Trim window shades, containers and shelves to coordinate with your room. 
  7. Accent your stairway or architectural details such as dormers and soffits with a border application. 
  8. Create a headboard in a bedroom or a "paneled" door. 
  9. Give your bath or kitchen cabinets a fresh, new look. 
  10. Trim the edge of an open shelf with a decorative border piece cut to fits its width. 
  11. Create a "frame" on a wall in a foyer or alcove by using borders with corner medallions. 
  12. Break up a large wall area by using a border between two different wallcoverings.

When using the border around doors or windows, you can either overlap the corners or miter them, depending on the effect you want. To miter, simply overlap the ends and make a 45-degree diagonal cut with a straight edge and a razor knife.

Overlapping the corners with a vertical piece over the horizontal piece will visually heighten your doors or windows. Overlapping in the opposite direction will visually widen them.

To visually lower a room's ceiling, place a border on the wall at a pleasing level below the ceiling.

To give a "dimensional" look -- this works beautifully with a chair rail -- apply a border to a 1 1/2 inch board, then attach to wall.

You can also make your own borders by cutting a favorite wallpaper. Stripes and floral strips work best for this.

When applying borders to a slick surface, lightly sand the surface where the border will cover to increase adhesion.

When applying borders over a vinyl wallcovering, use a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive to ensure adhesion.