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How To Choose The Right Type Of Wallpaper

Select Between Solid Vinyl, Vinyl Coated and Natural Textured Wallpaper

There are three primary types of wallpaper to choose from ⁠— solid vinyl, vinyl coated, and natural textured. Each has its own special attributes. Every room is different, but one of these papers should be exactly what you need!

Solid Vinyl Wallpaper

Extra durable and easily scrubbed clean, solid vinyl wallcovering has a vinyl front with a paper or fabric backing. Solid vinyl styles are available unpasted and prepasted, in every color and design you can imagine. If you expect the walls to take a beating, solid vinyl wallpaper is the answer!

This is your solution for extremely high-traffic areas. If a room is open to the public or will need frequent cleaning, solid vinyl gives your wallcovering added strength and longevity. Whether you need wallpaper for a commercial area or just want wallpaper that will survive unusually rough treatment. Solid vinyl isn’t necessary for most home applications, but it may be exactly what you need for peace of mind.

detail example of solid vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper

Here’s a wonderful choice for rooms with moisture! Vinyl-coated paper is treated with a vinyl coating to help resist soil and water. Patterns, colors, and designs can be protected by the coating or a part of the coating themselves. These wallcoverings will resist grease, making it easier to clean than plain paper. These coated wallcoverings are the right choice for many rooms.

There are definitely rooms in your home that would benefit from vinyl-coated wallpaper, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Planning ahead and using this type of paper in rooms with water and frequent cleaning will make for longer-lasting wallcoverings. Which rooms will you elevate with vinyl-coated wallpaper?

detail example of vinyl coated wallpaper

Natural Textured Wallpaper

Give your room a rich, authentic feel with natural textured wallpaper like grasscloths and stringcloths. These wallcoverings are made from natural and synthetic fibers, and they add warmth and texture to any space. They are recommended for low-use, dry areas, as they are unsuitable for steam and moisture. When you have the right space for a natural textured wallpaper, it makes a powerful statement!

Breathe new life into a room with beautiful textured wallpapers. While true glasscloth and stringcloth wallpapers cannot be scrubbed like other wallpapers, there are still methods to keep them clean, including dry cleaner sponges and wallpaper dough. Our experts are happy to answer any questions about caring for our quality wallcoverings. Just ask!

detail example of natural textured wallpaper

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