Find the Perfect Border at a Houston Wallpaper Store

Before you head to a Houston wallpaper store, consider what you hope to find there. Seeking the perfect border isn't as easy as looking at swatches, so you'll want some idea of what you're looking for beforehand, including color, style, theme, and materials. The best way to prepare yourself for a trip to a Houston wallpaper store is to carefully assess the room where the border will go, taking into account whether the walls are painted, if there is an existing border or wallpaper that needs to be removed, and what colors you want to bring out in the room. Your new border could match the carpet, curtains, or the shade on your lamp.


If there's a specific color you want to match on a pillowcase or other feature of the room, take it with you. The Houston wallpaper store you visit should have staff on hand who can help you find a perfect match. Remember that taking pictures of the room is not an effective way to find borders that match, because cameras do not always give a true representation of color. Colors on phone displays can vary greatly in particular, so relying on this method to find a color match can produce poor results.


Once you have chosen a color or two, consider style and theme. Wallpaper borders look great over painted walls, but they can also be coordinated with matching or contrasting wallpaper designs. If you don’t want to go to a Houston wallpaper store to make your selections, consider browsing online stores that send samples of wallpaper and borders to your home so that you can see what they look like before having to purchase an entire roll of wallpaper. Wallpapers To Go offers a color wheel to help you find the right color matches, and we can send you samples so that you find the perfect wall treatment for your rooms.