How to Find Your Ideal Shade at a New York Wallpaper Store

One of the best things about shopping at a New York wallpaper store is the hands-on help you can expect from the staff. Many designers and design-conscious amateurs think it's worth it to spend the extra money for the expertise of a wallpaper professional who can help with design ideas, offer tips on hanging or removing wall coverings, and help you find your ideal shade. Choosing the ideal wallpaper shade is far more complicated that deciding on basic colors like red or yellow, and it requires careful consideration to find the perfect match. Below is a look at how the staff at a New York wallpaper store might help you in your search for the perfect color.


Those familiar with makeup or fashion trends know that people's individual coloring is sometimes categorized based on the seasons. Winter and Spring utilize cooler colors, while summer and autumn favor rich, warm tones. Rooms are no different. The décor in the various spaces around your home have their own season, whether it's a rich oak bedroom set in the master bedroom or the sky blue with silver fixtures of your kitchen cabinets. The staff at your New York wallpaper store should ask lots of questions about your existing décor, including why you're making a change. If they don't, you may be in the wrong place.


You might find that color selection is easier in an online catalog than at a New York wallpaper store. If you can, find an online store with a color wheel or other type of color tool. These allow you to select a color you like best and that matches or compliments a color you already have and love. To use one, click "Search" and it will bring up dozens of wall covering selections in options that include florals, abstracts, damask, and natural fibers. Narrowing down the choices to only the colors you want makes finding the right pattern easier and much more fun!