What an Austin Wallpaper Store Should Know About Wall Prep

If you are heading to an Austin wallpaper store to find new wall treatments, it's important that your walls are properly prepared first, because carefully prepped walls ensure that your new wall coverings go up easily and last for years. While the staff at any Austin wallpaper store should have helpful prep tips, the following are some of the basics:

  •  If you've got old wallpaper that needs removing, know that most modern wallpapers are easily strippable. If you're having trouble, use a large sponge to soak the walls with wallpaper remover. Removing non-porous wall coverings may require you to score them so the liquid can penetrate.

  • Wash walls thoroughly. A large amount of dirt, dust, and grease can accumulate on walls. Warm soapy water should work well, but if mold is present, be sure to add bleach to your cleaning solution.

  • Nails used for shelves, art, curtain rods, and other wall hangings can leave unsightly holes that can hinder the look of your new wallpaper. These need to be spackled and sanded over so the walls are smooth.

  •  Walls that have bumps, multiple layers of paint, or exposed brick can be made smoother with a thick wallpaper liner. An Austin wallpaper store near you should have them in several types, and the staff can advise you of which is best for your needs.

  • An acrylic primer is a great way to prepare walls for new wallpaper. Creating a smooth surface will make applying and matching your new wall coverings much easier. It's essential that the primer be completely dry before you start the next step, so even if it takes two full days or more, it’s worth it. Not waiting long enough can lead to a mess.


If an Austin wallpaper store is not meeting your needs, you'll find a larger selection online. Wallpaper web stores also have helpful tools like color wheels to make your selections easily and with confidence. Check out Wallpapers To Go today to see what we have for you!