Children's Room Wallpaper Can be Fun and Functional

Decorating children's bedrooms can be quite a challenge, but children’s room wallpaper can provide a great starting point. Your child's favorite character or toy may be completely passé in a year. As kids grow and interests change, it can be tricky to provide a look they love that will grow with them. However, with so many options, you can find a good compromise. Kids love having some say in the décor of their bedroom or play room, and there's a vast array of children's room wallpaper available to suit any taste, interest, subject, or color scheme. Happily, many of these wall coverings are also easily cleaned, so they stay looking great no matter what your kid can dish out. 

Take a look at collections that cater specifically to boys and girls. You'll find a huge selection of colors and themes children love. These collections feature solid vinyl and vinyl-coated children's room wallpapers that are sure to stand the test of time. They're also easy to hang and strippable for easy removal when it's time to make a change. Can't decide? Start small with fun decals that can be moved or removed when you or your child get the urge. Or consider a mural in a sports theme or something cool and educational. One thing is certain – you’ll find something fun for your child and functional for you.

Involving your child in the process of selecting children's room wallpaper and other décor may even encourage them to keep their room cleaner. Check out licensed wall coverings by National Geographic or Disney for something truly spectacular. Kid's love themed wallpapers accented by colorful borders – and you will too. Comic book fans will swoon over designs from DC and Marvel, while bike enthusiasts will love more Xtreme patterns and colors. Whatever you decide, know that children's room wallpapers can be attractive, easy to clean, long lasting, and affordable. Not sure where to begin? Ask a design professional for help.

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90562 () corvette childrens room wallpaper
Room17187 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090562
90563 () butterfly childrens room wallpaper
Room17188 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090563
90564 () animal childrens room wallpaper
Room17189 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090564
90565 () jungle childrens room wallpaper
Room17190 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090565
90566 () undersea childrens room wallpaper
Room17191 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090566
90567 () jungle childrens room wallpaper
Room17192 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090567
90568 () dino childrens room wallpaper
Room17193 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090568
87683 () modular childrens room wallpaper
Room17069 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-087683
90569 () fired up childrens room wallpaper
Room17194 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090569
87684 () pink childrens room wallpaper
Room17070 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-087684
90570 () butterfly childrens room wallpaper
Room17195 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090570
90571 () blue childrens room wallpaper
Room17196 by 4Walls.com
Item #: WTG-090571
128214 () WTG-128214
Room21471 by Fairwinds Studio
Item #: WTG-128214
118633 () lilac childrens room wallpaper
Room20261 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-118633
118339 () paris childrens room wallpaper
Room20230 by York Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-118339
105080 () world childrens room wallpaper
Room18544 by Astek
Item #: WTG-105080
105081 () scroll childrens room wallpaper
Room18545 by Astek
Item #: WTG-105081
105082 () jelly beans childrens room wallpaper
Room18546 by Astek
Item #: WTG-105082
105083 () jelly beans childrens room wallpaper
Room18547 by Astek
Item #: WTG-105083
117047 () pink floral childrens room wallpaper
Room20063 by Kenneth James Wallpaper
Item #: WTG-117047
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