Coordinating Bedroom Wallpaper and Bedroom Furniture

When it's time to select new bedroom wallpaper, you're probably not beginning with a blank slate. You'll be thinking about color coordination with your existing bedclothes and window treatments, pondering your dressers and vanity, and keeping in mind the overall flow of your home. This is a lot to consider, even before you evaluate any budgetary constraints. Choosing new wall coverings for your bedroom isn't always a simple task – but it can be tremendous fun. If you keep a few basics in mind, it'll also be a rewarding experience, especially once you take a long look at the end result.

Begin by examining the bedroom in question. If you haven't already, measure your walls, so you have a good idea of how much bedroom wallpaper you'll need. Then, purchase a little more than that. Consider how much light the room gets, and if you're trying to make the room look larger or more cozy. Low light rooms will want a lighter wallpaper. Rooms that get a lot of sunlight will need wall coverings that resist fading. If the bedroom is for a child, consider their habits. If dirty hands, juice spills, makeup-related carelessness, or bouncing soccer balls are a concern, you'll want to plan for that ahead of time by choosing a washable wallpaper. Bedrooms for adults or older kids give you more leeway in materials.

Many people think that since their bedroom furniture is made of wood, and wood goes with anything, that there's no real way to match bedroom wallpaper with bedroom furniture. This cannot be further from the truth. Of course, wood comes in plenty of different colors thanks to the magic of stains and varnishes. However, the style of the furniture makes a huge difference in the overall look of the room. Simple, modern furnishings cry out for modern wall coverings. If your bedroom furniture features clean lines and no embellishments, something modern and striking might be just what you need. An assertive pattern can bring a room together while creating a relaxing atmosphere that's more than conducive to a good night's sleep. Antique or antique-look bedroom sets can look amazing surrounded by damask, floral, paisley, or even distressed designs. 

The choice between modern and classic bedroom wallpaper can be a difficult one, since both of these have clear advantages. Modern designs often employ the newest and most innovative materials and techniques, while traditional designs are classics because they have stood the test of time. Use your furniture style and design to help you decide. In low-traffic bedrooms, raw silk and grasscloth wall coverings can set a calming tone while offering unparalleled elegance. Consult with a design professional to help you choose bedroom wallpaper that meets all your needs while staying within your budget. 

Simple, subtle, or single-colored bedroom wallpapers can enhance a room where the furniture is intricately carved. They're also great for rooms that have a lot of wall décor like shelving, photos, or other wall hangings. If that's too plain for you, you might consider a daring damask on a single wall. Keep a swatch handy if you intend to match your bedroom wallpaper to a particular comforter, pillow, or to your favorite drapes or valance. Better yet – order wallpaper swatches online to help you envision what it will look like in your whole room. 

There are nearly an infinite number of ways to decorate a room, but don't let that overwhelm you. Check out our designer rooms to help you formulate ideas and apply them to your own space. Unlike living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, the number of people who will see your bedroom wallpaper is pretty small. You'll be spending a fair amount of time there – getting ready for your day, reading, relaxing, or sleeping. With that in mind, it's vital that the environment you create is one that reflects your personality and allows you to feel supremely comfortable there. 

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