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Wonderful. I truly cannot thank you enough for all of your help in this process.
I don't know who your supervisor is but please pass along how much I appreciated you!! I am so very grateful for your help and advocacy.

Sarah B

I really want to praise your company for fantastic customer service! You really went out of your way for me. the response time was amazing and you handled the situation with such professionalism. Thank you, I am a customer for life.

Hello: I want to commend your business on two counts:
1) The website is very user friendly – easily the easiest wallpaper site I’ve used (and I’ve used many).
2) The selection of brands, styles and themes is far more extensive from your business than what is offered by the many other sites I’ve used in the past.

In the future, except on those rare occasions when I need authentic period reproduction wallpapers or papers that are hand painted or silk screened, I have no reason to utilize any other site but yours.

Very appreciatively yours,
Steven H

Thanks for the update. I had forgotten what it is like to get great customer service. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

Wally Ann
My 5th order with you and always good service.

Thank you,

Hi Cheryl, thank you for your note. I really do appreciate your customer service. My mom bought wallpaper for every room in our house at Wallpapers To Go in the 1980's. I thought the company was out of business and was thrilled to find your website. your prices were very reasonable too.

While I haven’t received all the samples, I’ve already fallen in love with one and ordered it through your website.

Thank you,
Meredith P

Hi Lori, I can't even tell you how PERFECT the wallpaper looks! The lot was correct and his room looks great!

Thank you so much for your help!!

Great service, all orders shipped correctly, quickly and in the right runs. Lori in customer service has been great. A great buying experience - I would not shop for paper anywhere else.


Can't believe it - ordered Sunday, delivered Wednesday. Fantastic service, and the correct batch also.

Thanks to all involved.
Pete F

Mary Beth, can you delete the black & white piece from the order and proceed with the rest? I’m going to meet with my wall paper guy and discuss a few options. He’ll need to advise how many rolls of whatever paper we decide on before I can place the order, and I don’t want to hold up the rest of the order. Is that possible?

Thanks for your help. I’ve been so impressed (and surprised, frankly). Really, you’ve blown me away….!!

I wanted to send a short note to acknowledge the hard work of one of your team members, Cheryl Morris. I contacted Wallpaperstogo.com last week in a panic after the original paper I had ordered for a client was back ordered and I saw that your company had the same paper in stock. While you didn't have the paper, Cheryl took it upon herself to search out two alternate papers that could work and call to notify me. She then worked with me to have the papers overnighted for the client to review. While the client opted to stay with the original paper, the dedication of Cheryl to help me as a first time buyer was greatly appreciated. Now that we are no longer bound by time, I will be ordering the original paper through you rather than the other vendor. You have my business moving forward!

I hope you realize what an asset Cheryl is to the team and how much folks on the "other side" appreciate her efforts.

Thank you,
Courtney L
Interior Designer

What a pleasure to deal with a company that answers the phone, responds to emails and genuinely takes the time to work with and help its customer. That's rare these days!

Thanks again.
Al K

A quick note to advise that the order that we placed with you arrived a little over a week ago - I should have communicated earlier. Your prompt and helpful approach to our request for information and subsequent dispatch once the order was placed was sincerely appreciated - all involved should feel well satisfied for providing good old fashioned service that was once expected as nornal but now, sadly, is a reason to comment as extra-ordinary: but not so for Wallpapers To Go I suspect, as you clearly make service a priority.

Once again, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Geoff G

Thank you very much. Your concern and follow up has been great and we certainly would recommend anyone buying wallpaper to purchase from your company!

Joe W

Great customer service!!

Lisa F

I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the customer service one of your employees, Lori T, provided. A couple of months ago I had ordered wallpaper border from your company. I decided that it didn't work in the room I had intended and wanted to return it. Lori assisted me through the return process, courteously and expeditiously! There were a few glitches with the mill, but she responded to my calls and/or my e-mails promptly and cheerfully, and always followed through to ensure things were being handled appropriately. About a week ago, I contacted Lori to tell her I hadn't received a credit for the merchandise return yet. Within two days I did receive the credit for the border.

As you most likely are aware, customer service is not what it was some time ago! Your representative, Lori T, made my experience with your company such a positive one! I will absolutely recommend Wallpapers To Go to any friend decorating their home!

Joanne M

Just a quick note that I am very happy with the quick delivery and quality of your product. I am so happy I'm purchasing again! Have a great day!

Yesenia D

Hi Mary Beth, Just thought I would let you know that we received our beautiful wallpaper today. I am not sure what happened and how you made it appear .....but thank you so much for all your help. It has been a delight to work with such a wonderful team.

Jessila R

Thank you so much Jami! I have received the wallpaper and am very happy with your service!

Thanks again,

Mary Beth, just wanted to let you know that our new wallpaper is up and looks wonderful! We are so pleased. I appreciate all your help in finding a “second choice” when the first choice didn’t work out. I actually like what we used better than what was originally selected.

Thanks again,
Eileen M

Hi! Wanted to let you know the wallpaper arrived today, and I'm a very happy customer. Your service was great and the wallpaper colours are just what I expected.

Many thanks
Karen Z

Mary Beth, I cannot thank you enough! We received the wallpaper as promised and my son is at school hanging it now. Your company was the 4th firm I had tried and when you said you would call back I was non-pulsed. But you did call back with the exact wall covering we needed. Thank you for following up and providing superb service.

Marty G

Just wanted to let you know that I received the order this afternoon.  Wasn't expecting it that soon.

Thank you again for all your services and help.
Alice S

Jami, just wanted to let you know my wallpaper is up, and I totally LOVE IT!!! I wanted to let you know it was a great experience working with your company and the standard shipping was very fast.

Thanks again.
Mary Ann J

My wallpaper arrived today and I am so happy with my purchase! The savings are wonderful and so is the service. We have a lot of work to do in our home but one thing is for sure, we will make all our wallpaper purchases thru your company. Thank you Jami for finding our paper & all the effort you put into making me happy. Our office is next and will speak with you soon! Thanks again.

Maryann R

Mary Beth, This is Mr C writing. The paper arrived this afternoon, just as you promised. When I brought it to the house & showed it to Janet, she was almost overcome with emotion as the paper was even more-perfect than her imagination had allowed her to wish.

I want to especially thank you for the very personal touch you added to this experience. You may not remember, but we had been trying to get this paper since around last September through other sources. We continually kept receiving back-order notices with future delivery dates that never were honored. It was not until we placed the order with your company & had the good fortune to encounter you that we had someone who took a personal interest in our plight. Your explaination of the problem that created the back orders, your calls to the manufacturer to obtain a realistic run date & the periodic touches you gave us to let us know what was happening were wonderful.

You delivered old-fashioned personal service that is far too scarce today. Unfortunately, we are not million-dollar a year clients, but I promise to never buy another roll of paper from any firm other than yours.

Once again, thanks for being there for Janet & myself. We really appreaciate you.
Hank C

I am just emailing to say that I am a very pleased customer. I ordered some wallpaper border from your website yesterday and received it in the mail the following day! I also spoke with Daniele on the phone prior to ordering my wallpaper and she was very courteous and friendly! I had previously ordered this border from a different website and they were telling me it was on back order. I have been waiting for this border for 6 weeks now, and was tired of waiting so I searched online and found it at your store. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the fast and friendly service!

With appreciation,
Lisa R

Daniele , just few words to tell you that I receive my order, every things was exactely what I was expecting, I'm so please and happy. Thank you for your kindness and your professionalism I'm so grateful. If I need anything else I would'nt hesitate to call you back and refer you to my friends. Bye.

Marcel M

Hello--I thought you would like to know our order is complete, all parts have arrived. Most is installed now and it is perfect. Exactly what we wanted. We had a fun time redoing the granddaughter's bedroom and she learned how to wallpaper!

Thank you so much,
Peggy C

Hi Jami, wow, thank you so much for your prompt reply, I'm sorry I missed your call, thank you for going ahead & placing that order for me, you have taken such a weight off my shoulders. That's what I call great customer service. I will most definitely be promoting your company from this end.

Many thanks & kind regards,
Jacqueline W

Mary Beth, the eagle landed on my doorstep Thursday (all of the order). Thanks again for all your help and the follow up. Your customer service is AAA.

Sharon W

Thanks Jami, cant wait to get it on my walls. I will order some more soon. Your website is the best I have ever been into and I am passing it on to my family and friends.

You have a nice day to!

Thanks for the tips and for the quick response! Real customer service is a rarity now-a-days, and I so appreciate it when I finally get some!

Vicki N

Thank you all so much, my wallpapeer arrived safely, and looks fantastic, a very happy customer,


On behalf of my mother-in-law Mary S, I want to thank you so much for your follow up with her wallpaper order. My mother-in-law is 89 yrs old and recently had brain cancer surgery. She probably won’t be with us much longer. Since she can no longer get around very well, it was suggested she “find a project” to keep her busy. Wallpapering her kitchen was the project she picked and she has anxiously been awaiting this wallpaper (so have the rest of us!!!).

I know I’ve probably been a bit of a pest, but with good reason. Now she’ll be able to get the wallpaper guy in to hang this before Christmas and be able to enjoy her “new” kitchen for awhile.

I really appreciate your quick responses to my questions and your attentiveness. I know my mother-in-law will be thrilled - you’ve provided a wonderful Christmas gift for someone!

Carmen S

Just so you know, I originally ordered from another online wallpaper store and inquired 4 times via e-mail as to the status of my order. Never got a response. Called twice. Finally got a response. Cancelled order.

Great customer service! Kudos to you!
Suzanne W